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Il Roster

Lunedì, ore 21

(re)offender, 10wavesofyou, 15 Minutes Of Shame, 7 Training Days, Alessandro Di Traglia, Anadarko, Angela Esmeralda & Sebastiano Lillo, Blacktail, Cagnara, Catalogue, Datura Vulgaris, Dario Germani, Den Van Stanten, Eniac, Ex Aenima, Flat 125, Flying Disk, For The First Time, Furoris Causa, Godwatt, Helka Wu?, Holy Wood, Hotel Monroe, Indianizer, John Holland Experience, Keep Neet, Lambstone, Lo Zoo di Berlino, Lukasz Mrozinski, Maniaxxx, Minerva, Mobius Strip, Movion, Mutonia, Nocument, NoWolf, nrec, Oil, Plastic Light Factory, Polar Station, Pugaciov sulla Luna, Quai du Noise, Roadhouse Crow, Sdeghede, Sepik, Silvano Staffolani, Slamina, Space Paranoids, Tanz, The Jumpin’ Quails, The Blacktones, The Smuggler Brothers, Triplavvu, Walk About, Zot


Martedì, ore 21

  • Radiohead – OK Computer
  • Red Hod Chili Peppers – Black Sugar Sex Magik
  • PFM – Storia di un minuto
  • Justice – Cross

Experimental Zone

Venerdì, ore 17

  • Workshop de Lyon La Seyne-sur-Mer, Salle Apolinaire, 23 février 1982
  • Interstates (etc.) – Invisible World
  • Mesarthim / The Great Filter – Type III

Post Rock Zone

Venerdì, ore 21

  • All the Strange Names – mantra
  • Jakarta Project – Light
  • Mhostly Ghostly – A Faceless Fiction
  • Murma – Hymns
  • Nagoba – Metasarasa
  • Plum Flower Embroidery – The Greatest Cowboy Star
  • Violet Waves – Grays Ave Sessions


Sabato, ore 21

  • Blue Stoplights – All Will Be Well
  • Broken Arms and Atheists – Imperialism
  • Drew Mazur – Drewisms
  • Gregory E McClure – songs to depress your dad
  • joby mathews – second place
  • Preserve the Moose – exhibit A

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